Our Culture Feedback Form is designed for both our team members and our clients to instantly and directly send us feedback, whether it be for a “Job Well Done” or an “Opportunity for Improvement.” Every submission is reviewed by at least one member of our Leadership Team, to make sure that every person has their voice heard.

Do you use Procore? We speak your language! Consolidated Electrical Contractors has incorporated Procore Project Management into our workflow, bridging the gap between our field team and administrative staff,. and coordinating across our regional offices throughout the state.

Every month, Consolidated Electrical Contractors sends out Sparky’s Stats to our team members, an information bulletin updating all employees on KPIs, safety statistics, and company culture.

Sparky’s Spotlight

One of our greatest communication tools is the Sparky’s Spotlight newsletter.

Sparky’s Spotlight is a bi-monthly publication sent out company-wide that shares news, upcoming events, and milestones with our team members.

It also highlights recently completed projects and jobs that are under construction for both our residential and commercial/multi-family teams, so that our team members can see all of our accomplishments across the state, regardless of location.

Scroll through an issue to check it out!

Social Media

At Consolidated Electrical Contractors, we’re proud of our work and the projects we’re on, so we like to show them off.

From the roughest of roughs to the polished finishes, our team documents and shares the progress of many of our projects on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making sure to tag our partners so that they can show off as well.