The safety of our team members is paramount. We must send our team members home to their families every night the same way they came to work that day. Anything less is unacceptable. To that end, Consolidated Electrical Contractors has developed a robust safety culture.

Toolbox Talk Videos

Toolbox Talks. They’re an important part of keeping safety at the forefront of our minds every day, and yet the are often treated as a waste of time, just listening to a unengaging speech and signing a piece of paper.

We weren’t satisfied with this approach, so we decided to innovate.

Every Monday morning, Consolidated Electric team members watch a new Toolbox Talk safety video, created in-house here at CEC and tailored to the concerns of the electrical profession. Then on Wednesday, team members take a quiz on the information shared in the Toolbox Talk.

Training and Certifications

Being safe means being prepared. Should a hazardous situation occur, we want our team members to know exactly what to do and how to do it safely.

To accomplish this, Consolidated Electrical Contractors has invested in First Aid, CPR, OSHA 30 Construction Industry Training, and Silica Awareness training for team members.

Our Safety Forms

Company Safety Manual