For any business to be successful at what they do, they must have the right people. At Consolidated Electrical Contractors, we pride ourselves on not only finding great team members but developing those employees skill sets to be better today than they were yesterday. We all have something we can improve upon from company executives to general laborers, the key is acknowledging that and continuing to improve oneself. Constantly evolving and getting better at what we do everyday is what sets our PEOPLE apart from our competition.

In our eyes, the PEOPLE in our Consolidated Electrical Contractors family extends well beyond the employees that are on our payroll. The family members of our staff are just as much a part of our CEC family. We understand that the decisions we make as a corporation everyday will impact those individuals as well. We don’t take our responsibility lightly. It is imperative to our management that we make the right decisions to ensure success for our entire CEC family.