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140/150 Ottawa

Grand Rapids, MI

Mixed-Use | Commercial & Apartments
GC | ORION Construction
Size | 405,861 sq. ft. | 15/12 stories
Project Value | $25,600,000.00

Occupying 3/4 of a city block downtown, the Warner Building and Hyatt Place hotel at 140/150 Ottawa will be a tremendous addition to the Grand Rapids skyline.

The Warner Building, anchored by the eponymous Warner, Norcross & Judd law firm, will also house the West Michigan headquarters of Chemical Bank, a 7-story parking deck, and retail and restaurant space.

The 160 room Hyatt Place hotel in the development’s second tower will substitute a traditional hotel front desk for a hotel “host” who will also act as a bartender and barista, and feature 3 meeting rooms and on-site restaurant.

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Provision Living at Forest Hills

Grand Rapids, MI

Multi-Family | Senior Living
GC | ARCO Construction Company
Size | 90,240 sq. ft. | 2 stories
Project Value | $9,300,000.00

The 116 apartments of Provision Living at Forest Hills are designed for independently-minded seniors looking for a comfortable place to enjoys ones’ golden years, while maintaining access to 24-hour assistance as needed.

With a movie theater, exercise room, public and private dining, chapel, and beauty salon, residents have plenty of options for on-site entertainment and activities, while the location of the facility next to the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center and only 8 miles from downtown Grand Rapids means there are accessible opportunities for new experiences.

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Courtyard by Marriott

Petoskey, MI

Commercial | Hotel
GC | Gordon Construction Services
Size | 88,000 sq. ft. | 5 stories
Project Value | $9,600,000.00

On the site once occupied by the Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians’ Victories Casino, the Victories Square development is seeking to build a community-forward retail area, of which the Courtyard by Marriott will be a central aspect.

With 139 rooms, the hotel will be flanked by a quiet wooded area and the development, for both peace and access. Three miles from the beach and, the hotel is a perfect jumping off point for a lovely vacation, but if you don’t feel like venturing out, the hotel will feature an arcade, kid zone, pool and hot tub, and a bistro right in the hotel lobby.

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Vista Springs Trillium Village

Clarkston, MI

Multi-Family | Senior Living
GC | ORION Construction
Size | 92,000 sq. ft. | 3 stories
Project Value | $16,900,000.00

Featuring the Overlook Cafe on the Penthouse Level, a pool, and an interior courtyard, Vista Springs Trillium Village typifies Vista Springs’ “Full of Life” philosophy.

Vista Springs will include independent living, assisted living, and memory care, perfect for a wide variety of seniors with their own specific concerns.