Our entire team at Consolidated Electrical Contractors takes personal pride in the quality of the work they do; ensuring exceptional workmanship and care for your project from start to finish. Our strength is in our people. From the front office to the job site – they are the best at what they do.

Our Safety Culture

At Consolidated Electrical Contractors, our top two Core Values are People and Safety. As we believe those two values to be inextricable, Consolidated Electrical Contractors has developed a robust safety program that’s thoroughly integrated with our company culture.

One of our primary innovations is a series of Toolbox Talk videos created in-house and tailored to the concerns of our CEC team members. Every week, our team members receive a new Toolbox Talk video in their inbox that they watch and take a quiz on, with perfect scores being entered into a prize drawing.

Check out this Toolbox Talk video discussing this very topic, to learn about Consolidated Electrical Contractor’s dedication to safety and the ways we are committed to sending each and every team member home to their family every night the same way they came to work that day.