About Us

Our Purpose

We provide electrical services that deliver peace of mind for our clients and communities.

Our Company

Consolidated Electrical Contractors is a leading provider of residential, multi-family, and commercial electrical services. Since 1924, we have worked directly with homeowners, contractors, and developers to provide exceptional results on their projects. We continue to reinvent ourselves to understand emerging technologies within our industry to ensure we meet our customers needs. We serve Michigan from our headquarters in Lansing as well as having regional offices in Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Flint, along with major service areas Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo.

Our History

Lansing Electric Company was founded by Stanley Coven in 1924 – approximately 5 years prior to the start of the Great Depression. Dempsey Alberts became a partner in 1925. In times that many other businesses failed, through a vision and hard work, Mr. Coven and Mr. Alberts were able to build a thriving business. In 1968, with both partners ready to retire, their sons, James and David Coven, and William Alberts took over the business. For close to 30 more years, the sons continued to run the family business until their time to retire approached. In 1995, David C. Mollitor, Jr. purchased Lansing Electric Company from the Coven and Alberts families. A gifted businessman with incredible foresight, Mr. Mollitor breathed new life and direction into the business. In 1999, looking to expand the business into northern Michigan, Lansing Electric Company purchased Martin Electric Company located in Traverse City. After opening yet another office in Grand Rapids in 2001, Lansing Electric Company rebranded itself to cover it’s larger market footprint and began doing business as Consolidated Electrical Contractors. By 2006, Consolidated Electrical Contractors had grown to a company of 150 employees – 10 times the employees the company had when Mr. Mollitor purchased the business in 1995, and over $14 million in annual sales. At the peak of the company’s growth, the economy took a drastic downturn and, by 2010, had impacted Consolidated Electrical Contractors to a point where the business was down to 28 employees, $3 million in annual sales, and the closure of the Grand Rapids office in 2007. Known as a visionary and strategic thinker, Mr. Mollitor led the company through the economic instability of the next few years and began to grow the business again. In 2011, the company reopened the Grand Rapids location once again giving the company a market presence in central, western, and northern Michigan. Looking to expand into the eastern Michigan market, Consolidated Electrical Contractors purchased Hannahs Electric Company of Ann Arbor in 2014. Today, Consolidated Electrical Contractors operates from its corporate office in Lansing, Michigan with regional sales offices located in Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Ann Arbor, Flint and Kalamazoo. Currently with over 160 employees, and still growing, Consolidated Electrical Contractors is employing its largest staff in the company’s history. The past 90+ years have been incredible to Consolidated Electrical Contractors and we look forward to what the future holds in store for our organization.