Consolidated Electrical Contractors is deeply committed to the safety of our team, partners, and our communities.

That commitment has strengthened during our current COVID-19 crisis and CEC has enacted a robust safety plan to prevent the virus from spreading on our jobsites.

Please check out the materials below to see what we’ve been doing to combat COVID-19.

Special Toolbox Talks

Every Monday, Consolidated Electrical Contractors releases a Toolbox Talk video and quiz on a new construction safety issue, ranging from using aerial lifts and wearing P.P.E to First Aid and stress management.

As a special bulletin to our team members, CEC created a video specifically addressing the mechanisms, risks, and prevention measures around coronavirus. All of our team members were required to watch this video and a quiz was created on these specifics to ensure our team members have the background information to work safely and enforce CEC safety policies.

COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, & Response Plan

Based on safety information from the CDC and OSHA and developed with consideration for our own team members and our partners, the CEC COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, & Response Plan establishes safety best practices, detailed procedures regarding what preventative measures must be taken and when, clear actions to take to resolve unsafe conditions, and information on CEC’s record keeping.

Alongside with the plan, all team members took a quiz on its contents. Before being allowed to return to work, our team members demonstrated their knowledge by scoring at least 85% on the quiz.

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