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Our Core Values

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“Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide our company’s actions. They must serve as non‐negotiable terms within our actions for every decision we make.” – David C. Mollitor, Jr., President

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Below are the core values of our company. These values have been developed and determined by our company leaders. Please join us in living these values everyday at Consolidated Electrical Contractors.

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  1. THE LIVES OF OUR PEOPLE ‐ Great people are the cornerstone of our company and nothing can be accomplished without them. Our #1 company value is to continually provide opportunities for our people so they can grow as individuals and improve the quality of their lives.
  2. SAFETY ‐ In an industry that presents many safety hazards on a daily basis, we must continue to develop safe work environments through training that will ensure every employee returns home to their family every night the same way they went to work that day ‐ anything less is unacceptable.
  3. PERFORMANCE – Our performance equally impacts our employees, owners, partners, and vendors. If we perform everyday to the best of our abilities, everyone will be rewarded positively by those results.
  4. COMMUNICATION – At all levels of the company, we expect open, honest, and truthful communication which will in turn open doors, create trust, and develop long term relationships; internally and externally.
  5. QUALITY – High quality work is required to produce repeat clients and set us apart from our competitors. Remember “it is a representation of who we are”
  6. DEVELOPMENT OF PARTNERSHIPS – Our goal is to turn clients into partners in which we all can depend on and know what to expect from one another. Both sides understand the rules they set forth within the partnership and act upon those rules when making decisions.