1. Licensed Master Electrician
  2. Licensed Electrical Contractor
  3. Electrical contractor for nearly 30 years

Rod Miller

Vice President of Commercial/Multi-Family

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do with your personal time?

I’m an avid outdoorsman. Love to hunt and fish whenever time allows.

What is something about you that would surprise people that already know you?

I enjoy cooking for family and friends; outdoor grilling and holiday dinners.

If you could have dinner with somebody famous, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with Ronald Reagan. I would love to spend time with him and pick his brain on his leadership skills as he really brought our country together during his two terms. He also made citizens proud to be Americans.

How do you define “exceptional”?

The best you can be. The only way a personal can truly be exceptional is to make everybody around them better, be it as a person, friend, family member and/or electrician. The more you raise people up the closer you will come to being exceptional.